miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010



It's that time again! We're holding our second annual Online Backyard
Build Bike Show!

Simple rules, cool prizes, ANYONE can enter (and just look too.)

1. We're not really into categories, but here's the three we decided on:
Chopper, Bobber, and Cafe.

2. Post two (2) pics under the appropriate category and tell us something about the build.
*(The best way is to post your pics using the little camera button above. Try to keep the pics 500 pixels wide so everyone can see
them easily. If pics are too huge they may be deleted!)*

3. The bike MUST have been built by you or your buddies in your backyard or garage.

4. Pics can be posted for the next ten days: Aug 31st-Sept 10th, 2010.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 in each category:
1st place gets a Lick's solo bag (Chopper and Bobber class), Set of
Lick's bar end mirrors (Cafe class), Guilty Customs seat pan, Harbortown Bobber Dickies
, Lick's jellies, and One World Tour DVD!
2nd place gets Dickies workshirt, Lick's Jellies, and One World Tour DVD!
3rd place gets Dickies workshirt and One World Tour DVD!
Special Mention gets a Biltwell lid.

This year's guest judges are some of our European buddies from the One World Tour DVD:
Dick Baron (Baron's Speed Shop - England)
Bosse Jensen (Jensen Paint - Sweden)
Johnny (Johnny's Garage - Germany)
Jesper Bram (Helmet Hair - Netherlands)
Segu (Kopteri Magazine - Finland)
Marcos (Free Kustom Cycles - Barcelona)
Gaby (Wild Motorcycles Magazine - France)